Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Representation in Video Games

Chosen game: Grand Theft Auto V

Women: Throughout the game, all women are portrayed as sexual objects. They are positioned to enhance the gaming experience through their use as prostitutes. The women are dressed in skimpy clothing which shows off their bodies. 

Homosexuals: The gay community is stereotyped also. "Gay Tony", the only homosexual character throughout GTA is created in a sense, just to be mocked. He is never portrayed in a serious manner. There is also a lack of male prostitutes throughout GTA, suggesting that the target audience are straight men who do not want anything to do with male prostitutes.

Race: Race is stereotyped commonly throughout GTA. Italians are stereotyped to have pizzerias whilst the Irish are mean and crazy. During the trailer for the game stereotypes are followed as a African-American man is pictured shooting people and then being chased by the police, this fuelled outrage from those from similar ethnic minorities. 

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