Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gaming Industry

1. Who was your first woman video game character you can remember? Describe her.
Lara Croft. She wore very revealing clothing that highlighted her female 'assets'. Although it was a breakthrough to have a main playable character that was female, she was created in such a way that undermined women. Her long brunette hair and petite figure that was clothed (rather not clothed) in items which showed off her flat stomach and legs attracted a male audience.

2. Who was the first woman you knew that played video games? Describe her?
The first female I knew that played video games was Aimee Prendergast in primary school. She played pokemon. Aimee wasn't the stereotypical female 'gamer', she was very girly and sociable.

3. Do you think that woman gamer felt she was 'represented' in the character you described? Why, why not?
No. Lara Croft was portrayed as eye candy. She had a very false appearance which women do not replicate. Her explicit appearance, especially in the earlier games, would not have been as appealing to women. Lara's perfect appearance would have possibly attracted to her to the game as Aimee would be able to play this woman, and in a way, become her for the duration of the game.

4. Can you think of another female character that this woman would feel is a representation of her?
Possibly Princess Zelda in the Zelda series of games. She is feminine but also uses combat when she is a playable character.

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