Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Audience Theories Revision

Looking at my production work, I feel that Goffman's Character Theory best applies to my media production. Erving Goffman's character theory suggests that there are four main types of character in a media text or production;
  1. The protagonist (leading character)
  2. The deuteragonist (secondary character)
  3. The bit player (minor character whose specific background the audience is not aware of)
  4. The fool (a character that uses humor to convey messages)
 My marketing campaign will engage the audience as I'm hoping to create a really interesting and eye-catching poster. My target audience is women aged 18-50. I have identified this as my target audience because of the content of my production. I feel that this age is appropriate for the writing and storyline. My poster will engage my audience as it will feature a woman between that age and the story explores the strange relationship she has with a man.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Warner Bros Film Studio Evaluation


I visited the Warner Brother's film studio which feature the Harry Potter sets.
The day was very exciting and (being a top Potter Head) I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
The tour included:
  • A short movie experience at the beginning where we were introduced to the film franchise (for anyone who has lived under a rock for the last couple of years...)
  • The three stages of the making of Harry Potter
  • An outdoor area where you were able to view the characters houses, purchase butter beer and sit in Ron Weasley's famous blue car!
  • The steps showing how they created each character, dressed them and did hair and makeup.
  • A special script writing lesson with one of the workers there, who showed also showed us the blueprints of Hagrid's Hut that were actually used!
Our Lesson on Screen Writing
A man who worked at the studios directed the lesson. He explained to us how Harry Potter went from being a successful book to a multi million pound film series. He also explained the process of script writing and what is needed to write a proposal for a film company. I found all of the information very useful and really took in what he was saying, I hope to use this information in my next task.

10 Highlights
  • Ron Weasley's car
  • The lesson on Screen Writing
  • The great hall
  • Facts learnt about Harry Potter
  • Butter beer
  • The coach trip
  • Seeing the life sized versions of the characters and their clothes
  • The wand room
  • Dressing up as Harry Potter for the day (see below)