Monday, 5 November 2012


October Half Term Update:

So what have I really learnt this term? Hmm, well its hard to summarise everything in this short post! Firstly, I have learnt the different theories about narrative structures such as  that of Vladimir Propp (if that's how you spell his name!) His theory taught me that there are many little complex characters of a film text, such as a distinctive "hero", "princess" and "villain".
I've also learnt more about general media. Meaning, what types of media there are and how often we come into contact with it. I found this aspect very interesting as it really surprised me as to how long I actually spent looking at different media texts! With this topic, we also covered the different types of audience depending on social class, gender and age. Looking deeper at these, we discovered how you can aim your media texts at each group by including different features.
I could go on to discuss in further detail what I have learnt this half term, but for now I think this covers just about everything!